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WWI Artillery Virtual Reality Experience

Concept, design, and production of a Virtual Reality experience for Auckland War Memorial Museum’s new gallery, Pou Kanohi New Zealand at War.

Flightless was commissioned by Auckland War Memorial Museum to create a VR experience that would allow visitors to be immersed into a QF 18 Pounder gun emplacement. The QF 18 Pounder is typical of the kind of heavy artillery that was used by the New Zealand soldiers in WWI. Through being immersed into this scene, a visitor gets an up-close impression of how these guns were operated through a series of explained actions.

The conceptual design process for this VR piece is a departure from a lot VR experiences which aspire to be photo-realistic. The graphic novel-like look and feel was a deliberate decision in response to parameters of the brief, and to create consistency with the liberal use of illustration throughout the rest of gallery space. This approach to the aesthetic also enabled us to create a ‘softening’ of the impact of artillery warfare for younger audiences. However, through the use of an ambisonic soundscape (three dimensional directional sound) the immersive qualities of the experience remain very engaging.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

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