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Bee Leader

Bee Leader – It’s busy time! Out now on the App Store for Mac, iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch, and Windows & Windows Phone.

The bees need you! Become a Bee Leader and help the bees fill their hives with honey.

Fly around the world and hover over flowers to collect nectar. Look out for enemies and bad weather! Collect as much nectar as you can before the sun sets. The faster you get nectar back to your hive the more honey you’ll make! Pick up plenty of bonuses along the way – nectar, honey, time, and bee buddies. The more bee buddies you find, the more nectar you’ll collect. More nectar means more honey – sweet!

Get busy!

Bee Leader has buzzed off and is no longer available on the App Store.

Flightless (self-published)

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» Best Awards 2012, Silver Award
» App Store Best of 2012