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Colossal Squid

Supporting the Colossal Squid Exhibition at Te Papa, we created four touch screen-based interactive experiences.

Squid Anatomy – a look into how the Colossal Squid is made up.
The Deep – a dive down to the bottom of the ocean uncovering species along the way.
The Squid Files – a video scrapbook account of the capture of the exhibited Colossal Squid.
Build A Squid – an interactive application that allows anyone to create their own squid and set it free in a virtual ocean.

A supporting website was also created with online versions of all the interactives to enable museum-goers to continue their experience at home.

Client: Locales,
The Museum of New Zealand
Te Papa Tongarewa

» squid.tepapa.govt.nz
» Build A Squid online

» Best Awards 2009, Bronze Award