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Ngā Mōrehu

Ngā Mōrehu is a touch screen-based digital interactive created for Te Papa’s Slice of Heaven exhibition.

Created in a graphic novel style, the interactive encourages users to experience the inequality of young maori in the early part of 20th century New Zealand.

Users are able to experience two different story lines through selecting to be a young maori boy or girl. The story tracks the early lives of the characters to adulthood. In different key points in their lives you make decisions on their given situation. These decisions define the paths their lives take through to adulthood. This process educates the user on the choices available for young maori in this era and the consequences of their decisions later on in life.

The interactive is brought to life through detailed, realistic character representations, subtle uses of camera motion and atmospheric soundscapes.

The Museum of New Zealand
Te Papa Tongarewa

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