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Comprehensive rebrand and identity development for games development company Sidhe.

An identity was developed that drew inspiration from the original logo and mascot heritage, but pushed the look into a more contemporary space.

The approach was to create a feel more akin to a film production company rather than the overstated look of existing games companies.

The logotype solution is clean and dynamic but has a softness that provides a non-gender bias in an otherwise heavily male-orientated market. The logomark is derived from themes associated with the initial mascot and the word ‘Sidhe’ being derived from a Celtic nymph-like creature or Banshee. The Sidhe ‘wing logomark’ conveys the fun aspect of being ‘able to fly’, is an aspirational form and also provides a geometrically and aesthetically pleasing mark.

Originally named ‘Sidhe Interactive’, the decision was made to drop the ‘interactive’ qualifier and create a tagline to better describe the company. The final tagline ‘we make games’ is intentionally phrased to echo a ‘no nonsense, kiwi attitude’, reinforcing that Sidhe is a proud, resourceful New Zealand-based company.

The three-colour approach (Vanilla, Chocolate and Orange) to the identity gives flexibility to application on various materials. The colour system is intentionally a little games-retro. White stencil-logotype lockups have been created for branding of already very graphically rich material, such as concept artwork and game box packaging.

Other collateral includes an animated pre-game sting, building signage, print collateral and limited edition t-shirts that play with the logomark form.

Client: Sidhe

» Best Awards 2010, Bronze Award