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Top Dog

Top Dog: Farmyard Adventures is our first game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Top Dog is a beautifully designed flocking and herding game for all ages, but kids will dig it the most.

Help Top Dog herd all the sheep to their pens, ducks to their ponds and pigs to their mud!

Top Dog is easy to play, but challenging to master. Simply draw a path to guide Top Dog around the farm. As he runs around the farm the animals scatter. It’s your job to help Top Dog herd the animals to where they need to be. There are four easy challenges and four harder challenges. Earn Gold, Silver and Bronze ribbons for extra speedy herding and be on the lookout for tasty bonus bones.

Top Dog has been put out to pasture and is no longer available.

Flightless (self-published)

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» www.flightless.co.nz/topdog

» Best Awards 2010, Silver Award