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Transmission Multi-User Interactive Table Game

Concept, design, and production of a multi-user interactive table game for Resn’s showcase space in Shenzhen, China.

Flightless was commissioned by Resn to create a fun game experience to showcase interactive table technology.

The object of the game is for players to connect their communication network by placing transmission towers that beam network signals around the map.

Each player has a coloured network signal that must be connected to a remote destination, avoiding any poor terrain and obstacles in its path. Players add transmission towers to control their network signal by placing and rotating physical markers on the interactive table surface. Any transmission tower that is connected to the network signal will then retransmit the signal in whatever direction it faces.

When a player’s communication network is fully connected the game will progress to another part of the map with the next connection challenge.

The game can be played solo, co-operatively, or competitively. Physical markers belonging to each player are uniquely coloured and only make connections with matching network signal colours. Players can collaborate by placing towers to make connections for each other, or they can race to connect their own network before other players can complete theirs.

Each part of the map forms one piece of a larger communication network.