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WWI Honour Wall

Concept, design, and production of the WWI Digital Honour Wall for Tauranga Heritage Collection’s travelling exhibition ‘From Tauranga to the Trenches’.

Set inside two customised portable shipping containers, we created a combination of interactive and non-interactive digital elements that enable visitors to interact with content about Bay of Plenty-based soldiers. Visitors navigate a large scrapbook-like canvas aesthetically tied to the era.

The fit-out design of the experience is a mix of physical and digital, combining real photos in frames with iPads, media players and a larger LCD screen fabricated in frames. These are hung on a period-appropriate wall with early 20th century wallpaper, posters, and other historically referenced ornaments. iPads contain the interactive parts of the installation, media players screen animated sequences, while a larger LCD screen act as a ‘slave-screen’ mirroring one of the iPads. The concept takes a personal approach to the content, bringing the audience into a mock-room scenario rather than a traditional honour board.

Tauranga Heritage Collection