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Currently in development.

Element is a visually stunning realtime strategy space game with a focus on sharp, accessible gameplay. It has a unique style which beautifully combines low-poly 3D with a minimal design aesthetic.

Element is for lovers of beautifully crafted, original looking games. It’s for people who are into space and strategy games but don’t have hours of time to invest. It’s also for gamers who enjoy launching missiles and blowing things up.

Coming to mobile and desktop platforms soon.

Blog site:
» elementgameblog.tumblr.com

Official site:
» elementgame.com

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Concept, design and production of Imagine, an augmented reality poster campaign and app for the Department of Conservation.

Imagine is an awareness campaign that highlights the role of conservation in the Christchurch city earthquake rebuild. The campaign features three locally extinct creatures brought to life through posters placed in and around the city landscape. While not currently present in the city, these creatures have been making a comeback in surrounding areas. Tuī, gecko and weta represent what could be, if conservation was in the consciousness of all urban New Zealanders.

The public can download the app from the QR code on posters and then view the posters using the app. Users can interact and find out more about each creature.

The Department of Conservation

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Moana – My Ocean Exhibition

Concept, design and production of Augmented Reality Projects for Auckland War Memorial Museum’s Moana My Ocean Exhibition.

We created two separate Augmented Reality stations for users at the exhibition to interact with a seaweed holdfast structure and a map-based migration model. Using mounted iPads as microscope-like devices, users interact with physical blocks to discover richer content displayed on the screens. A deliberate removal of any onscreen navigation means users are free to explore totally with their hands on the physical blocks. This form of interaction tends to remove the barriers to discovery for the younger and older users who can traditionally struggle with screen-based media. The iPad screen becomes almost invisible to the experience as users become focused on moving and orienting the blocks.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

» More about this project in the blog

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Māui And His First Journey

Māui And His First Journey is an iPad-based interactive story created for the Ministry of Social Development. Beautifully designed, illustrated and narrated, the app is available in English and Te Reo Māori. Part of an overall Māori-focussed parenting resource, it introduces parents to the world of adventure, brain development, waiata and pakiwaitara.

The Ministry of Social Development

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Bee Leader

Bee Leader – It’s busy time! Out now on the App Store for Mac, iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch, and Windows & Windows Phone.

The bees need you! Become a Bee Leader and help the bees fill their hives with honey.

Fly around the world and hover over flowers to collect nectar. Look out for enemies and bad weather! Collect as much nectar as you can before the sun sets. The faster you get nectar back to your hive the more honey you’ll make! Pick up plenty of bonuses along the way – nectar, honey, time, and bee buddies. The more bee buddies you find, the more nectar you’ll collect. More nectar means more honey – sweet!

Get busy!

» Bee Leader on the App Store
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» Bee Leader Official Trailer
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» Bee Leader Media Kit

» Best Awards 2012, Silver Award
» App Store Best of 2012

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AnimalBlocks for iPad is a fun spelling app for kids.

Drag blocks into place to spell words correctly from the AnimalBlocks dictionary. The US and UK-English dictionary contains nearly one thousand common words, including sight words, colours, fruit & vegetables, animals and much more!

AnimalBlocks features six sets of letter blocks: one wooden set in lowercase for legibility, an illustrated animal set for fun, a computer keyboard, ice, dymo and fridge magnet set. There is also a selection of custom backgrounds, including a beautifully illustrated set of animals by award-winning illustrator Ali Teo.

The screen is a true multi-touch surface – great for collaborating with many hands! You can also take snapshots of your creations which are automatically added to your iPad’s Photo Album.

» AnimalBlocks on the App Store
» AnimalBlocks blog posts
» www.flightless.co.nz/animalblocks

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Ngā Mōrehu

Ngā Mōrehu is a touch screen-based digital interactive created for Te Papa’s Slice of Heaven exhibition.

Created in a graphic novel style, the interactive encourages users to experience the inequality of young maori in the early part of 20th century New Zealand.

Users are able to experience two different story lines through selecting to be a young maori boy or girl. The story tracks the early lives of the characters to adulthood. In different key points in their lives you make decisions on their given situation. These decisions define the paths their lives take through to adulthood. This process educates the user on the choices available for young maori in this era and the consequences of their decisions later on in life.

The interactive is brought to life through detailed, realistic character representations, subtle uses of camera motion and atmospheric soundscapes.

The Museum of New Zealand
Te Papa Tongarewa

» Ngā Mōrehu online version

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Maori Feast At Remuera

Concept, design and production of Maori Feast interactive installation at Auckland War Memorial Museum.

The Maori Feast Interactive was created as part of Auckland Museum’s Kai To Pie Exhibition. The museum had a lithograph based on an 1844 watercolour by Joseph Jenner Merrett, depicting one of the largest Maori feasts ever recorded.

The artwork is incredibly detailed and the visual display solution cried out for an interactive fly through, allowing people to zoom in and discover key parts of the intricate scene. We re-engineered the entire artwork, dividing the scene up into a number of 3D planes, which often meant gracefully re-creating parts of the scene art. The scene was integrated into a stage-set-like environment and a virtual camera rig was used to zoom into the desired areas of interest. These camera passes form the basis of the user-controlled zoom-ins. Enlarged areas of focus were re-illustrated in a detail faithful to the original artwork. Subtle animation effects and soundscapes bring the canvas to life.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

» Best Awards 2010, Gold Award

In May 1844, Auckland was home to one of the largest Maori feasts ever recorded.

Around 4000 guests assembled between Mt Hobson (Remuwera) and Mt St John (Titikopuke) for the Maori feast. For four days they dined on 9000 sharks and 11,000 baskets of potatoes.

When Governor FitzRoy arrived on the first morning of the feast he witnessed two groups of 800 Maori warriors perform a thunderous haka (Maori dance) before charging at each other in a mock battle. The entire event was a spectacular display of Maori power and strength.

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Top Dog

Top Dog: Farmyard Adventures is our first game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Top Dog is a beautifully designed flocking and herding game for all ages, but kids will dig it the most.

Help Top Dog herd all the sheep to their pens, ducks to their ponds and pigs to their mud!

Top Dog is easy to play, but challenging to master. Simply draw a path to guide Top Dog around the farm. As he runs around the farm the animals scatter. It’s your job to help Top Dog herd the animals to where they need to be. There are four easy challenges and four harder challenges. Earn Gold, Silver and Bronze ribbons for extra speedy herding and be on the lookout for tasty bonus bones.

» Top Dog on the App Store
» Top Dog trailer on YouTube
» Top Dog blog posts
» www.flightless.co.nz/topdog

» Best Awards 2010, Silver Award

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Northland History Map

Interactive concept design and production for the Northland History Map installation at the Stone Store, Kerikeri, Northland.

The Northland History Map interactive was created as a digital storytelling component for the redesign of the Stone Store in Kerikeri by Locales. We worked closely with Locales to create an immersive digital experience that allows users to navigate around a 3D map and discover accounts of the settling of this historic area. Each area of interest has an animated, narrated video piece which visually depicts the story.

The aesthetic of the interactive is sympathetic to the overall time period and store space. The screen is housed in a period-inspired cabinet with a tactile interaction control through a nautical themed brass wheel.

Client: Locales